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Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama long-form birth certificate proven a fake, or at the very least tampered with -- And we now have evidence; UPDATED INFORMATION. PLEASE REPOST.

UPDATED INFORMATION: The Coming Crisis has come across additional information regarding the long form birth certificate situation, and will post this update and any others at the top of this article. Please read downward to view the original article that broke the discovery.

1. It has been claimed by naysayers, despite overwhelming evidence, that any scanned document would turn up the artifacts and share the mysterious qualities found in the White House release of Obama's long form birth certificate. Well, someone has done just that, and now there's even more definitive proof that the document has been tampered with:

2. The following following birth certificate, purportedly Obama's, surfaced in 2010, and shows massive discrepancies with the White House release, including, but not limited to:

-- the inclusion of a birth time, which the White House release strangely omits
-- the birth location of Obama as being Kenya, not Hawaii
-- the more historically accurate racial filing of "Negro" as opposed to the politically correct and categorically incorrect "African" as shown in the White House release
-- The signatory party being someone other than Obama's father, as in the White House release
-- The box pertaining to evidence for delayed filing is completed in the 2010 certificate; the reason given is a Kenyan birth and then a delayed registration in Honolulu

Is this 2010 certificate fake? Is it real? Why does its information fall more parallel to historical evidence surrounding Obama than the White House release? Why is there so much inconsistency floating about? Why is there mention of a law in Hawaii to stop people asking about Obama's birth? Is it now against the law to pursue the rightful execution of the law?

The Coming Crisis will continue its investigation into this matter, and will keep readers posted.

Main Article

The Coming Crisis has a disturbing news bulletin for all our readers: we have come across definitive proof that Obama's long form birth certificate document released by the White House has been at minimum tampered with, and at most, presented as a forgery.

The White House release of Obama's long form birth certificate can be downloaded here.

In a previous post we determined that something was seriously wrong with the birth certificate, and reposted an article by The Smoking Gun that outlined many strange facts about the timing and content of the document. Others have pointed out further discrepancies.

We have come across a source who we will not name at this time (but will gladly post it if it is allowed -- we want to keep him safe in case something erupts as a result of this) who has taken the White House document and analyzed it through graphic design software, namely Adobe Illustrator.

What he found was truly disturbing, and we present it to you here.

Normally, when one scans a document, it produces a single picture just like with a photocopying machine -- what you see is what you get. However, the graphic design software shows that the document, while appearing as a PDF, is actually a series of "layers" that have been manufactured and assembled into a single document. Most people would never realize these other layers would exist unless they possessed the graphic design software and could conduct the test themselves.

In case this doesn't make sense to you, let me use the following analogy: take the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This movie was of course hand-drawn. To do this, they would draw the background forest on a piece of glass. Then they would lay another piece of glass over it with the animals, then another piece on top of that with the dwarves, and so on until they had a complete scene composed of layers. Modern graphic design software works in a similar manner, since if you make a mistake or want changes on a specific part of the project, you only have to edit that layer, rather than redo the entire thing from scratch.

With Obama's long form birth certificate released by the White House, a similar design mechanism can be observed. The PDF file isn't a single, two dimensional image -- it is, in fact, a series of layers designed one on top of each other to form what appears as a single image.

This means that the White House document was created (forged) on a computer, and is being foisted on observers unfamiliar with computer design as a simple copy of the real thing.

This is an outright lie, and is constitutionally outrageous.

We at The Coming Crisis have replicated this experiment and can vouch that the discoverer of this forgery is telling the truth -- the PDF distributed by the White House website does indeed break down into clipping masks and design layers, just as he claimed, which acts as ample proof that this document is not real, if all the rest of the facts had yet to convince you.

To conduct this experiment yourself:

1. Download Obama's Long-Form White House Birth Certificate.
2. Open it with Adobe Illustrator.
3. Go to "Windows" and open the "Layers" panel.
4. Continue expanding the layers within the Layers panel.
5. Make various layers visible and invisible to see how the document has been constructed in parts.

In case you don't have the ability to conduct this experiment, we've posted the individual layers below for you to see: it's very clear that this was a manufactured document, and God only knows what's going to happen once word of this spreads. We ask all Americans and bloggers to please repost this so that as many people can learn about this as possible -- the truth must be spread at whatever cost.

-- Matt
(The Coming Crisis has preserved all original documents should they be pulled in the event of an emergency; please contact us if you would like them sent to you.)

NEW: Video proof of elements within the document being capable of moving around -- more evidence that it's not a single scan, but rather a composition of computer-designed elements:

A second video pointing out many strange discrepancies with the long-form video that are beginning to come to light:

And in case you're wondering, this is what an actual, real birth certificate looks like from the time Obama was born -- please note the wear from multiple decades of storage, discoloration, and so on, compared to Obama's near-pristine document:

Certificate number discrepancy from 2007:

And from the top of the most recent form, which reads: 151 61 010641
Where did that 19 go? Surely it represents the year, yet why are the numbers not the same? Why is there no consistency between the documents?