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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mystery of missing mother-of-five Wazineh Suleiman, 30, who never returned after going to rent a video - 13th Apr 2011

A mother-of-five has gone missing after telling her children that she was going to rent a video from.

Wazineh Suleiman, 30, went missing after leaving her house in Bartow County, Georgia, on Friday and her car was found 30 miles away in Acworth on the other side of Cartersville where she said she was going to get a movie from Red Box at Walmart.

Police said that the vehicle showed no sign of a struggle and they could not find her near the car, a 2004 Nissan Armada.

It has also been revealed that after she left her home she continued to send text messages to her husband, Abed.

The last one said 'I'll just throw my phone out the window' and after receiving it Mr Suleiman tried to call her but she failed to answer her phone.

He said: 'Just right now I want to hear from you, I want to just know, firstly, that you are safe. 'I've been having a hard time sleeping and it's been very difficult for all of us, especially my kids.

'The kids know she is missing. They are very scared, very worried.'

He said he left the family home at 5pm on Friday to go on a hunting trip but then he realised he had got the wrong weekend.

When he got home his wife's car was not there. 'My jaw just dropped,' he said according to my 'She doesn't leave at night.'

The couple's five children, aged 12 to six, were on their own and the eldest told their father that Mrs Suleiman had only been gone for about 10 minutes when he returned.

Mr Suleiman added that not only did she never go out at night it was also unlike her to rent a film. Read More