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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Libyan rebels refuse to talk to Kusa after accusing him of having blood on his hands - 14th Apr 2011

Libyan rebels refused to meet defector Musa Kusa yesterday, accusing Colonel Gaddafi’s former foreign minister of having blood on his hands.

In a rebuke for Britain’s policy of cosseting the former intelligence chief, they said he had no role to play in the movement to replace Gaddafi.

Musa Kusa, who is accused of being involved in the Lockerbie bombing and the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, was allowed by ministers to fly to Qatar yesterday for an international summit on Libya.

Diplomatic officials let him go because they wanted him to talk to Arab leaders about how to oust Gaddafi – even though victims of Lockerbie want to see him put on trial.

But Kusa was snubbed by the Libyan Interim National Council which has emerged as the government in waiting.

Spokesmen for rebels attending the Qatar meeting and those back in Libya made clear they want nothing to do with the former intelligence chief, who was an integral part of Gaddafi’s inner circle until he fled to Britain earlier this month.

Rebel spokesman Mahmoud Shamman said: ‘We did not invite him here. He is not part of our delegation.’ Read More