Friday, April 22, 2011

Jah-Nea Myles, just 16-months-old falls from fourth-floor hotel balcony and SURVIVES... after she drops into the arms of a passing British tourist

A baby girl survived a terrifying fall from a fourth-floor hotel balcony thanks to a Good Samaritan who caught her as she plummeted towards the ground.

Jah-Nea Myles, just 16-months-old, landed in the arms of British tourist Helen Beard, after she rushed to save the little girl when she spotted her dangling from the balcony railings at her Florida hotel.

She hit the third-floor railing on the way down, but miraculously survived without so much as a bruise. She was even described as 'playful' afterwards.

Her 20-year-old mother, Helena, said: 'I'm thanking the Lord above right now for saving my child's life. I'm also thanking that lady because she was an angel sent from heaven.'

A spokesman for Orange County Sheriff's Office described it simply as 'a miracle.'

Jah-Nea's narrow escape happened late on Wednesday night, when she was being looked after by her mother's friend Dominique Holt in an adjoining room at the Econo Lodge Hotel in Orlando.

Miss Holt, who admitted the door may have been left open a crack, said Jah-Nea must have crept out when she went to use the bathroom, then managed to slip through railings on the balcony. Read More