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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cupcake crusader: Woman is told she faces arrest for clearing up dog mess and replacing it with chalk pictures of cakes - 8th Apr 2011

A campaigner who replaced dog mess with drawings of cupcakes has been told that she could be arrested ... for criminal damage.

Louise Willows, a mother of two, became so fed up with the mess on the paths around Crouch End, North London, that she began her campaign.

Her mission was simple: replace every dog mess she found with a chalk drawing of a pink cupcake in a yellow cup. Such is the extent of the 'plague' in her area that she drew 25 sketches in just three days.

She also wrote: 'Dog owners, please clear up your dog's mess. Children walk here.'

However, on Saturday, she was approached by two WPCs who told her the drawings constituted criminal damage and had to be cleaned away.

She said: 'I explain that it's just chalk and it's part of a campaign to end this scourge of dog fouling by a children's park and school, but they're insistent it is criminal damage and I must wash it off.

'They are clear that I must fetch a bucket and a brush. I guess this is so it feels like a real punishment. Read More

Note: Seems to be a growing trend in the United Kingdom, people that try and stick up for making things better are punished by the law, while the law allows Real criminals to walk free from court, give holidays to yobs funded by the taxpayer and allow child killers out on bail.

And they wonder why society is imploding before their eyes.