Monday, April 25, 2011

Condom found in swill-cooked oil intended for Chinese diners: The Real China #5

Unscrupulous businesses fish out stinking hogwash from urban sewages and gutters, and with filtrating, heating, subsiding, and dividing, gutter oil turns out the clear-looking “edible” oil and end up on tables of Chinese restaurants. Unknowing, Chinese consume three million tons of swill-cooked dirty oil each year.

As if consuming poisonous and carcinogenic oil were not gross enough, a condom was found in unprocessed swill oil by law enforcers in Fuqing city of southern Fujian province. Users of Sina Microblog commented on the news: “We are eating sperms every day! Sick!” (Picked from Strait City Daily)

Read China Daily’s report on swill oil. (read more)