Thursday, April 21, 2011

Claudia Holland's Warning 'I'll blow your head off': Defiant message to criminals from 71-year-old woman after break-in - 21st Apr 2011

The warning message from a pensioner to criminals is simple and to the point.

'Try breaking into this house again and your head will be blown off!'

The sign, with the image of a handgun, was put up in the front yard of 71-year-old Claudia Holland's home in Hudson, East Texas.

Her son Steve had it made after intruders kicked in her front door late at night, but fled after hearing her three dogs barking.

Claudia, who keeps a gun in her walker, credits her three tiny animals, including a miniature Chihuahua named Speedy, for saving her.

She told the Lufkin Daily News: 'The dogs started barking and when I walked to the living room, the person kicked the door in. I figured they'd kill me.

'It was the dogs that saved my life. They were growling and snapping. I never saw anybody so I guess the dogs scared them .'

Claudia admits she is 'kind of embarrassed' about the sign but grateful to her son who lives with, but was away on business the night of the break-in.

She said: 'I expected it to be a little sign put over to the side. There's been a lot of comments and just a lot of laughing, like people won't come by here anymore.'

Claudia now has a new door and deadbolt, but that wasn't enough for her son.

He told KTRE9: ' I just wanted to put out a big enough message not just to whoever broke-in, but the rest of the community.

'It was put on the lawn just a few days ago, and already the family has gotten so many calls laughing at the sign.'

He revealed there are three guns in the house. 'You're lucky she dialled 9-1-1 instead of getting the gun out of her walker,' he said. Source