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Monday, April 4, 2011

Carpenter 'John Sweeney' Killed Girlfriends And Dumped Bodies - FOUND GUILTY - 4th Apr 2011

Carpenter John Sweeney has been found guilty of murdering two of his girlfriends and throwing their chopped up bodies into a canal.

Police believe he may have butchered another five victims, making him one of Britain's worst serial killers.

Woman-hater Sweeney, 54, drew macabre sketches and wrote lurid poems in which he described what he had done to his victims.

In some he depicted himself holding sharp knives dripping with blood. Another showed a female trussed up and in a state of dismemberment.

Sweeney is already serving a life sentence for the attempted murder of another former lover Delia Balmer, who survived after he attacked her with an axe and knife.

She said she had warned police Sweeney would try to kill her.

"I'm so angry at the law, never mind him, because I told them what he would do and they let him do it," she said.

"He was like a madman, he was possessed. He had a gun and my kitchen knife, kneeling on the bed while I was tied to the bed."

Sweeney has been convicted of murdering American ex-model Miss Halstead, 33, and Miss Fields, 31, both of whom disappeared during a relationship with him. Read More