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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Call young criminals customers: Probation chief says being considerate stops re-offending - 14th Apr 2011

Criminals must be treated as customers – not offenders, a probation service boss has insisted.

They should be invited to speak about their needs and asked how they feel about the treatment they receive, London probation chief Heather Munro added.

And these people should not have to spend time in shabby waiting rooms or be sent to dingy offices to be interviewed.

Giving criminals the same consideration a company gives its customers will steer them away from committing future crimes, according to Mrs Munro.

‘It’s a bit like running a business,’ she said.

‘Any business would ask its customers how it can improve its service. It just doesn’t make sense not to.’

The call for probation officers to make life more comfortable for offenders comes at a time of growing concern over the way their service deals with criminals under its supervision.

Last week judges criticised the Government’s plan to keep more offenders out of jail, citing worries ‘relating to occasional poor and ineffective monitoring and management’ of community sentences.

Around half of those given community punishments never finish them, and in London – where Mrs Munro’s service supervises 70,000 criminals a year – probation officers have a particularly poor record. Read More

Note: What Mrs Munro seems to forget is that these people have commited a crime, half the time they don't even get jail time because of the weak system and now they want to call criminals customers?

"cus-tom-er noun /ˈkəstəmər/
customers, plural

A Person or Organization that buys goods or services from a Store or Business