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Thursday, April 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Unreported 7.2 Fukushima quake blacked out by USGS on April 13, 2011; is also hiding other Japanese / world quake activity -14 Apr 2011

If it's not bad enough that most quakes do not reach mainstream news, or even small local news these days, we've now found out that larger quakes of 7+ magnitude are being blacked out from the public.

And now we have solid proof.

We have known for years that earthquakes have gone missing after being registered on USGS. We have accepted in good faith (and with a little skepticism) what they told us, until we witnessed 50 or more Earthquakes disappear in northern California from the USGS register, a greatly suspicious act that continues to this day with various quakes in various locations.

Years on and a few goose chases wiser, we taught ourselves to go straight for the source, and this is what we've discovered.

On the 13th of April, 2011 -- yes, just yesterday -- a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Fukushima, but most will never know of this.

We waited with abated breath for Sky News, CNN or maybe even USGS to report on this quake, but nothing came. Others also waited, and they too were disappointed.

So, we're going to bring you straight to the source of information while asking a very pertinent question: WHY was a 7.2 earthquake under a Nuclear power station (one currently in melt down, by the way) not being screamed across every news channel around the world?

Is this just part of a huge coverup regarding Japan? Are there other quakes there going unreported?

Many know that Japan is on the butt end of many quakes, something we also acknowledge, to the average tune of 30 earthquakes a month. However, a slight increase is an understatement when you look at factual archives of Japans earthquake data:

-- in 2010 they recorded 487 earthquakes, which is an average of 40 per month

-- during 2009 they recorded 472 earthquakes which is an average of 39 per month

-- during 2008 (only have the archives for 6 months) they averaged 30 a month

These figures by themselves show an increase in activity, all of which has gone unreported.

It gets better. Now, let's take a look at the figures for 2011:

-- January starts of normal; with 49 quakes, which is slightly higher than normal but nothing to panic about

-- in February there is a significant increase compared to any month in the past 3 years with 79 quakes! (Hopefully this gets some people to sit up straight and take note!)

-- In March, 1176 earthquakes -- yes, you read that correctly: One thousand, one hundred and seventy six earthquakes -- hit that month in addition to the Mega Quake, and many reached 7 and 6 magnitude!

-- So far in April, the frequency of quakes are slowing, but they have already recorded 472 for this month as of April 14th, 2011.

Something is going on here folks, and we need to be informed about it, especially those in Japan currently living beneath an umbrella of fear, confusion and corruption.

We're going to include data and links to information pertinent to this revelation, including that which pertains to the April 13th Fukushima 7.2 magnitude quake.

Japanese Version Seismic Report - (click on British flag on top for English)

Original reader-contributed video breaking this story