Friday, April 29, 2011

Bill Gonzalez, Discovers Bill Gonzalez II, 13 Hours after Police Fail to Find him at Accident Scene... because Car Threw him 172ft into Woodland

A father found his son’s body in woods 13 hours after he was killed in a car crash.

Bill Gonzalez went to the scene of a crash in Atascocita, Texas, after Eddie McPayne, 23, was found lying outside the car, and found his son, Bill Gonzales II, 23.

He looked around after spotting his son’s shoe when walking down the street and found he had been thrown more than 170ft from the car into a wooded area.

‘I walked the street and saw his shoe and jumped in and found him,’ Mr Gonzalez said. ‘He's my only son, and I'm very proud of him.’

His son was driving in Harris County early Wednesday morning when he lost control and crashed into a concrete culvert before his car rotated and rolled, police said.

The vehicle went into a car park, hit a metal pole, flew in the air, hit a wooden pole and then landed partially on a car trailer, detectives said.

Mr McPayne was found lying outside the car and later died in hospital. Read More