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Monday, April 4, 2011

Attempt to use sawdust and paper to stop Fukushima radiation leak fails as workers are forced to build 'silt fence' around crack - 4th Apr 2011

A second attempt to stop radioactive water leaking into the Pacific ocean at the Fukushima nuclear plant by using paper and sawdust plant failed today.

Workers had tried to use a chemical compound mixed with newspaper and sawdust to fill a 20-centimetre crack in a concrete shaft in reactor building number two.

But they were today resorting to a third plan, building mounds of silt around the reactor to stop radioactive particles in the leaking water reaching the sea.

White dye is also being used to trace the path of the highly radioactive water gushing from the plant and seeping into the ocean.

And around 11,500 tonnes of radioactive water that has collected around reactors two and three will be dumped into the ocean, as officials say they have no other way to dispose of it.

Radioactive water has pooled up throughout the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant because the operator has been forced to rely on makeshift ways of pumping water into plant - and allowing it to gush out wherever it can - to bring down temperatures and pressure in the reactor cores. Read More