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Saturday, March 12, 2011

U.S. intelligence: Gaddafi is funding fightback against rebels with cash stockpile of 'tens of billions' - 11th Mar 2011

Colonel Gaddafi is funding his fightback against rebel forces from a stockpile of 'tens of billions' in cash squirreled away in Tripoli banks, U.S. intelligence agents have revealed.

The vast sum has allowed the dictator to continue fighting despite an international freeze on much of his beleaguered government's assets.

He has hidden the haul in various banks across the capital, including the Libyan Central Bank.

But since the rebel uprising, Gaddafi funneled much of it into his personal bolt hole in the Libyan capital, an intelligence source told CNBC news.

The news follows reports that three private jets owned by Gaddafi left Libya for Vienna, Athens and Egypt, on Monday.

Greek officials said they spotted one Libyan Airlines Falcon 900 jet as it briefly entered airspace for around 15 minutes earlier this morning.

The sightings prompted speculation that Gaddafi or members of his family have fled the country.

However, it later emerged that one aircraft had landed in Egypt carrying the head of the Libyan Authority for Supply and Logistics. Read More