Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shocking photos of US troops released - 22nd Mar 2011

German Magazine Der Spiegel has released hideous photographs of US soldiers posing with what looks like dead Afghan men.

In one of the pictures, a US soldier holds a bleeding man's head up, and then in another photo a soldier is smiling, a Press TV correspondent in Washington reported on Monday.

In a third photograph, two men are tied together, appearing to have been shot -- slumped up against a post.

Der Spiegel published the photos over the weekend but they should reach the United States by Tuesday.

The US army officials have a
pologized for the pictures, calling them repugnant and contrary to army values but have not released further comments.

Two of the soldiers in the photographs -- Specialist Jeremy Morlock and Private First Class Andrew Holmes -- are part a group of US soldiers that already face murder charges for allegedly blowing up and randomly shooting at Afghan civilians before collecting their fingers as trophies.
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