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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sad end for giant of the seas: 45ft whale dies after being washed up on Kent beach - 3rd Mar 2011

A 45ft-long sperm whale has died today after being washed up on the Kent coast.

The huge animal was found stranded on the beach at Pegwell Bay between Ramsgate and Sandwich, in Kent, at 7.30am and animal rescue experts were called before it was confirmed the whale had died.

The public have shown great interest in the corpse but are advised to stay away from the beached whale due to health risks related to bacteria and its odour, a spokesman for the Maritime and Coastal Agency said. Read More

Update cause of death "Starvation": The juvenile male had not eaten for some time and had become dehydrated before coming ashore at Pegwell Bay, Kent, a preliminary post-mortem examination found. Source