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Friday, March 11, 2011

Over 400 passengers feared dead as bullet train and cruise ship go missing in massive tsunami generated by Japanese mega-quake - 11th Mar 2011

More than 400 passengers were feared dead as a high-speed bullet train and cruise ship went missing after the sixth largest earthquake in history devastated Japan today.

The massive earthquake - 8,000 times stronger than the one that hit New Zealand last month - sent a catastrophic 33 foot tsunami hurtling across the Pacific Ocean.

Thousands of people were forced to flee for their lives as the massive wave bore down on them, sweeping away everything in its path.

This afternoon, the Japanese declared a state of emergency at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima after the 8.9 quake caused the cooling system to fail.

Meanwhile, a ship carrying 100 people was swept away by the tsunami and bullet train carrying hundreds of passengers in the Miyagi region was missing. Their fate is unknown. Read More