Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our top general shot down by No.10: War of words erupts as Army chief says we have no legal right to kill Gaddafi - 22nd Mar 2011

Chief of Defence Staff rejects ministers' suggestions Libyan leader was assassination target
  • Downing Street claims that killing Gaddafi would preserve lives of Libyan civilians
  • U.S. warns that taking leader dead would be 'unwise' and risked undermining cohesion

  • Britain's top general was embroiled in an extraordinary clash with Downing Street last night over the legality of a strike to kill Colonel Gaddafi.

    No 10 slapped down Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards after he flatly rejected ministers’ suggestions that the Libyan dictator was a legitimate target for assassination.

    The public spat just days into the operation highlighted growing tensions about ‘mission creep’ in the assault on Gaddafi. Read More