Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our own EU chief shoots down Cameron's no-fly zone as PM warns Europe 'must do more' - 11th Mar 2011

  • 'Hold your horses': Baroness Ashton tells PM
  • White House forced into humiliating denial over U.S. intelligence claim that 'Gaddafi will win in the end'
  • PM writes letter calling for dictator to step down
  • Unicef accuses Gaddafi of using child soldiers
  • Opposition troops cling on to outskirts of oil port
  • Regime threatens to cleanse rebel 'rats' from country
  • David Cameron’s plans for tougher action against Libya were sabotaged by Britain’s own Brussels commissioner.

    Labour peer and EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton joined forces with the Germans to shoot down the prospect of a no-fly zone or targeted air strikes.

    One of her aides was heard describing the calls for action as ‘headline-grabbing desperation’. Read More