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Friday, March 11, 2011

Next Phase of the Economic Attack on America: Steal the Gold

Have you seen the guys standing out in the cold waving the signs “We Buy Gold” outside of storefronts? They seem to be everywhere around the Midwest. I’ve talked to the buyers behind the desks inside the warm shops. None of those stores sell gold back to the public. The men never have a problem telling me they send all the gold they buy to a larger buyer who melts it all down before selling it again to an even bigger buyer. Past that, though, the men really don’t know if the gold even stays in the USA or it’s shipped overseas. Maybe it’s used to make jewelry in India or it comes out of a vending machine in a 5-star hotel in Dubai or it sits in a vault in China.

I don’t blame the poor guy out in the cold who waves the sign (some of them get “paid” in cigarettes and coffee like we’re already in a 3rd world nation –I kid you not). It would be easy to blame the guy I can see behind the desk who sucks every scrap of gold from the people in the local community while paying below spot price, but he isn’t responsible for creating the current situation. I can put some blame on our domestic leaders in government and business who consciously put policies in place which were designed to destroy the economies of those local communities. (read more)