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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mission aborted on orders of SAS: RAF attack is halted after troops spot human shields - 22nd Mar 2011

The RAF was just moments away from obliterating civilians being used as unwitting human shields by Colonel Gaddafi when SAS ‘spotters’ aborted the mission.

Tornado GR4 fighter jets were closing in on Gaddafi’s presidential compound when the covert troops saw a group of people, including journalists reported to be from CNN and Reuters.

The air raid was following up a Tomahawk cruise missile strike launched against the compound by a British submarine.

But Gaddafi’s henchmen had driven foreign journalists to see the damage and would have been fully aware that the area was still under threat.

Had the warplanes launched their fearsome barrage of 1.3-ton Storm Shadow missiles, many could have died. Read More