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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan: Tremor After Blast At Nuclear Plant - 12th Mar 2011

An aftershock has struck near a nuclear plant in Japan - hours after an explosion and radiation leak there sparked fears a meltdown was under way.

With a upgraded magnitude of 6.4, the tremor occured close to the site of Fukushima Number 1 nuclear power plant, where walls and a roof were destroyed in a blast.

Plumes of smoke were sent billowing into the sky and several workers at the station were thought to be injured - but officials said the reactor's container had not been damaged.

The Japanese government widened an evacuation radius to 12 miles (20km) and urged residents of the region to stay indoors, turn off air conditioning units and not to drink tap water.

Radioactivity of 1,000 times the normal level in the control room at the plant and eight times the normal level in the area immediately outside the site have since fallen. Source