Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hundreds sign up for Doomsday Bunker - 27th Feb 2011

A US firm says thousands of people will book their place in post-Armageddon Britain HUNDREDS of people have signed up to book a place in Britain’s first underground nuclear bunker, as a growing number fear the world will end as early as next year.

Now a search is under way for a suitable location to build the secret shelter, which will have filtered air, its own water supply and a prison in case of unrest in post-Armageddon Britain.

The complex will also have tight security to stop desperate survivors getting in after a nuclear strike or natural catastrophe.

US doomsday company Vivos has almost completed its first underground shelter in Nebraska and has appointed the eccentric Lord Ivars, a former Hollywood bodyguard, as its director in the UK.

Ivars, who bought his title, is 42-year-old American Ivars Jaunakais, who gives his office address as the UK Centre for Homeland Security near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Read More

Vivos video: