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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get out of Tokyo NOW: Foreign Office tells all Britons to leave toxic radiation zone as Japanese 'lose control' of stricken reactor - 16th Mar 2011

French minister: 'Let's not beat about the bush, they've essentially lost control'
  • Radioactive steam spews into atmosphere from reactor number three
  • Experts warn that crisis is 'approaching point of no return' as officials run out of options
  • Officials commandeer police water cannon to spray complex
  • Attempts to dump water on reactors by helicopter fail
  • Two more previously stable reactors begin to heat up
  • Rich scramble to book private jets out the country as fleeing passengers pack Tokyo airport
  • Workers battling nuclear meltdown evacuated for hours today after radiation levels increased

The UK government is urging all British nationals to leave Tokyo as soon as possible amid fresh safety fears.

The Foreign Office this evening issued a statement recommending that all Britons leave the area for their own safety. At least 17,000 UK citizens live in Japan, the vast majority of them in Tokyo.

The plea came as the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant in northeast Japan worsened amid concerns of a radiation leak. Read More