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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima Fallout: How Bad Could It Get? - 12th Mar 2011

Nuclear experts have warned the next few days will be crucial in determining exactly how bad the fallout from the Fukushima Number 1 power plant disaster could be.

Advanced Japanese engineering should avoid a Chernobyl style disaster, but any radiation leak could have disastrous long term consequences.

The 1986 explosion of Reactor Number Four at Ukraine's Chernobyl plant was the world's worst nuclear incident, immediately contaminating 200 people and killing 32 within three months. Hundreds of thousands of people are thought to have suffered the after effects of the leak.

The accident was only revealed after a giant radioactive cloud was registered moving across northern Europe.

It was marked at the maximum level seven on the international atomic agency's scale of nuclear accidents.

Further contamination was reported from Chernobyl in 1995 during the removal of fuel from one of the plant's reactors. Read More