Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fact or Fiction -Expanding Earth Theory

One of the longest running and most controversial theories in geology is the Expanding Earth theory. From the earliest school geology classes to the most advanced university geology lectures, almost everyone is taught that the Earth is not expanding. So when people are first presented with evidence for an Expanding Earth virtually everyone is astonished.

Some people are so shocked by the evidence for an Expanding Earth they deny there is any evidence and call it a pseudo-science, while others try to convince their peers that it has been scientifically investigated and debunked by plate tectonics so this evidence need not even be considered. This argument about the significance of the geological evidence for an Expanding Earth can become very animated at times.

But a small number of geologists are so convinced by the geological evidence for an Expanding Earth that they have investigated the facts in detail. Many of the supporters for an Expanding Earth are professors and doctors of geology who continue to present the supporting evidence today by publishing various scientific papers and books advocating the theory. Read More