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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chernobyl death toll grossly underestimated - 18th Apr 2006

Image: In the cancer ward of Kiev hospital in the Ukraine, 19 Year old Elena is being treated for her second case of thyroid cancer in just 3 years.

A new Greenpeace report has revealed that the full consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could top a quarter of a million cancer cases and nearly 100,000 fatal cancers.

Our report involved 52 respected scientists and includesinformation never before published in English. It challenges the UNInternational Atomic Energy Agency Chernobyl Forum report, whichpredicted 4,000 additional deaths attributable to the accident as agross simplification of the real breadth of human suffering.

The new data, based on Belarus national cancer statistics, predictsapproximately 270,000 cancers and 93,000 fatal cancer cases caused byChernobyl. The report also concludes that on the basis of demographicdata, during the last 15 years, 60,000 people have additionally died inRussia because of the Chernobyl accident, and estimates of the totaldeath toll for the Ukraine and Belarus could reach another 140,000.

The report also looks into the ongoing health impacts of Chernobyl andconcludes that radiation from the disaster has had a devastating effect onsurvivors; damaging immune and endocrine systems, leading toaccelerated ageing, cardiovascular and blood illnesses, psychologicalillnesses, chromosomal aberrations and an increase in foetal deformations. Read More