Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cartoon explaining Japanese nuclear crisis -- gross, but enlightening

A Japanese animation created to help the artist explain the nuclear crisis to his child becomes an online sensation.

Amid the devastation of an earthquake and tsunami, how does a parent explain a nuclear crisis to a child? Frustrated by media reports about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japanese artist Hachiya Kazuhiko invented the character of a sick child, named "Nuclear Boy".

Mr Hachiya explained that he created the animation in the search for simplicity, "My wife and child felt anxious that they could not understand news of the nuclear accident. I had to try to explain without technical terms. Similarly, many people didn't understand the media reports."

Once the original cartoon was uploaded, Ryo Shibata then added the English translation.

With more than one million hits on YouTube to date, the four and a half minute video compares the nuclear crisis to the bodily functions of a sickly boy.

The animation goes on to explain that other boys have been sick, including "Three-Mile-Island Boy" in the United States and "Chernobyl Boy" in the Ukraine. (read more)