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Saturday, March 12, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Second nuclear reactor at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant risking meltdown after cooling system fails

Japanese officials announced Sunday that the cooling system at a second nuclear reactor crippled by Japan’s devastating earthquake had failed completely, even as they took the extraordinary step of flooding a separate reactor with seawater in a last-ditch effort to avoid a nuclear meltdown.

The announcement Sunday compounded what was already the worst nuclear accident in Japan’s history — and perhaps the worst involving a nuclear plant since the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago — as the nation was reeling from the aftermath of the largest recorded earthquake in its history.

The cooling systems at three other reactors at a second nuclear plant had also failed, officials said. While backup systems might still be revived, if they could not, these reactors too could require emergency cooling, they said. (read more)