Friday, February 18, 2011

Everyone Duck: 1.1 km - 2.4 km Near Earth Object hurtling towards Earth

MORE GREEN FIREBALLS IN THE SKY ARE ON THEIR WAY according to worldwide amateur astronomers.

Some interesting facts about the upcoming spate of Near Earth Objects (also known as NEOs, usually in the form of giant rocks that only Bruce Willis and a crack team of engineers can destroy):

-- meteor activity will increase in the coming months

-- many such Near Earth Objects come into our view as a surprise

-- As of January 1, 2011
28 new NEO discoveries have occurred and will pass near Earth come February, constituting a monthly increase of over 100%

48 NEOs are presently scheduled to appear in February 201, with 5-10 additional appearances by month's end

-- A beautifully bright Moon will allow numerous of these NEOs to remain unnoticed until they've pass the Earth, or heaven forbid, strike the planet

With abundant NEO discovery comes a prediction of increased February meteor and green fireball activity, and all photographers of such celestial wonders are invited to head outdoors and be ready throughout the period of February 19 to February 23 until the month's end

-- NASA's Near Earth Objects site can be found at:


Special note: Our next NEO has scheduled its appearance for around February 20th, 2011 at a breakneck speed of 20.83 km per second and with an estimated diameter of 1.1 km - 2.4 km.