Sunday, June 2, 2013

Update: Train derails in bridge collapse near Sudbury, Ontario (How many is that now in North America over the past few weeks?)

A train trestle over the Wahnapitae River near Sudbury, Ont., collapsed on Sunday, sending freight cars plummeting into the water, police say.

No injuries have been reported.

Roy Spooner, a local resident who lives 100 metres away from the site said the crash was loud.

"It woke me up. There was a loud crash. My neighbours live very close to that bridge. One of my concerns at the time was that there was property damage or threat to human life because it was so close to their house."

Officers are currently at the site of the derailment on Highway 537 in Wanup, Ont., 25 kilometres south of Sudbury. In addition, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada has sent a team of investigators to the scene.