Wednesday, June 5, 2013

GPs who hit the 111 jackpot: Helpline is meant to save patients like baby Axel. But the biggest beneficiaries are the fat cat doctors who made millions from a firm that runs it

One holidays in a beautiful villa in the South of France, another has a stable of race- horses. They have millions of pounds in the bank, luxurious homes and enjoy boats, fast cars and all the trappings of wealth.

Who are these moneyed individuals? Are they City bankers receiving multi-million pound bonuses? No, these men and women are family GPs. But they are no ordinary clinicians — instead, these are the lucky doctors who have made a mint from out-of-hours healthcare.

Welcome to the new face of the NHS: the doctors who have made some £25 million from the sale of Harmoni, Britain’s largest urgent care provider, to a financial conglomerate.