Thursday, May 30, 2013

Terry Holdbrooks: Guantanamo guard converts to Islam, speaks out against the unimaginable torture horrors taking place at Guatanamo Bay

Death threats are just another part of life for Terry Holdbrooks Jr.

The ex-U.S. Army employee converted to Islam in 2003, inspired by the faith of the Guantanamo detainees he was charged with watching. Since then, he says he has lost his friends, received violent threats, and been labeled a “race traitor” online.

But he hasn’t gone quietly. The 29-year-old has done his fair share of media and has even signed on for a job as a speaker for the Muslim Legal Fund of America. Now the devout Muslim is racking up frequent flyer miles and touring the country with what he calls the “truth about Gitmo.”

“Gitmo was supposed to be a cushy deployment since we were just going to babysit detainees,” Holdbrooks said. “But it changed me.”

Matt's thoughts:

This article contains some horrific descriptions. Be forewarned.

There is an argument, used in particular by Islamophobes, that all Muslims are to "blame" because the "moderate" muslims (re: 99.99% percent of muslims who are peaceful) do not "reign in" the "radicals". Fair enough.

If that is true, then are Christians to blame for not "reigning in" the activities that go on in Guantanamo bay or elsewhere across the Arab world? Why the hypocrisy?

And here's another hypocritical stance that I've never understood:

When a Christian murders or goes against the Law, or simply acts terrible in general, the immediate excuse used is that "they are not Christians!" and "real Christians would never act that way!" While thin, I'll accept that for the sake of peace under the assumption that those who truly abide by God's words would not behave in such a manner.

However, once again, enter the hypocrisy. When a Muslim murders or goes against the law, or acts terribly, suddenly that cop out card is no longer available, and that Muslim is "definitely a true Muslim" and Islam is "definitely a religion of violence and hate", and the Quran is "definitely a manual of terror" from which "he learns such abhorrent behaviour!"

What's worse is that these same Christians then tell a falsehood by backing up their opinions with horribly twisted and yanked Quranic verses, which, when read in context, lend absolutely no weight to their argument. I would feel ashamed if that were me.

Worse still: these people yank from a book they've never even read, let alone read with an open mind and heart. Are we believers part of a cult, or do we arrive at faith via intelligent thought?

I think all Christians would do well this evening to read over these two verses of their book and fully absorb their meaning, because it's clear to me from many of the reactions on this website, and in the world at large, that they haven't yet sunk in for (an unfortunate) plethora of so called believers today:

John 8:7
Matthew 7:3-5

And for the Muslims who engage in hypocrisy, make this tonight's reading and contemplation:

Quran 9:101