Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NCoV (novel coronavirus) Death reported in Tunisia

In a communique issued today, (20 May 2013), the Ministry of Health announced the death of a Tunisian citizen returning from the Gulf with coronavirus. This individual was 66 years old and had diabetes, he wastreated in the Fatima Bourguiba Hospital in Monastir for acute respiratory insufficiency (SARI - severe acute respiratory illness) upon his return from a trip to holy sites (-in Saudi Arabia) and Qatar where one of his sons lives.

Medical evaluation of his family revealed 2 of his sons had symptoms (consistent with an influenza-like illness). Testing confirmed infection and they have completely recovered (the translation here is not clear as to whether they were laboratory confirmed infections - Mod.MPP). The ministry is continuingto monitor all family members of this case, but thus far they are not showing signs of infection with this virus. It should be noted that the ministry is continuing heightened surveillance for coronavirus in all parts of the country.