Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ghana: Flood waters sweep through homes; destroy properties in Accra

Some parts of the capital city have been seriously flooded after heavy rains last night and this morning. A number of properties have also been destroyed.

The dawn rain which started around 4:30 am was accompanied by a storm and fell heavily for well over 45 minutes.

Parts of the roads in Accra, particularly around Weija, Ashaiman were left unmotorable but there have not been any reports of casualties yet.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu who toured some of the affected areas said at the Kasoa Toll Booth for instance, mud had been washed onto the highway. Part of the road has also been covered by the flood.

At the SCC, homes and stores were flooded to kneel level, she said, as residents frantically scooped the flood waters.