Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Angry tea partiers rally at IRS headquarters in Washington with stern warnings: 'They're going to have to produce all the documents' on targeting scandal

Conservative activists let it all hang out in a noontime tea party protest outside the Internal Revenue Service headquarters building in Washington, DC on Tuesday. About 70 protesters held signs, chanted slogans, and listened to speakers rail against what they called 'their 'unconstitutional' treatment at the hands of the federal government's tax authorities.

'Big government is the problem,' Tea Party WDC founder Lisa Miller told MailOnline. 'They're going to have to produce all the documents showing who ordered this persecution of tea party groups, when it happened, and how much President Obama knew about it.'

Miller's group organized the rally, one of dozens held around the country, to highlight what she called the federal government's 'harassment and intimidation.' The largest protest, attracting a reported 250 activists, was in Cincinnati, the home of the IRS office that evaluates and approves applications for nonprofit tax-exempt status.