Monday, April 29, 2013

Vaccine Expert: H7N9 Can Spread Between Humans

An academic team in Mainland China
released its latest H7N9 virus investigation results.
They claim, "three of four gene mutations
have been identified;
if another mutation site is found, it would likely result
in an effective human-to-human transmission."
The media widely circulated their words,
triggering strong concerns by the public and experts.
However, a researcher told China's Central Television
(CCTV) that they had never mentioned "person-to-person transmission."
A vaccine expert of Disease Control Centre
analyzes the reason for this denial.

On April 27, media reported that research team led by
Li Lanjuan from the Chinese Academy of Engineering,
made two breakthroughs in the study of H7N9 virus.

Firstly, they discovered that wet market poultry was likely
the source for human infections with H7N9 virus.
Secondly, the virus is spreading to mammals,
and could eventually mutate to human-to-human spread.
The research was published in internationally renowned
medical journal The Lancet.