Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shocking Footage: Americans Ordered Out Of Homes At Gunpoint By SWAT teams

Note from Alex Jones: Even though we have seen countless instances of lone gunmen on the street, we have never seen an entire city locked down as we witnessed last week in Boston and its suburbs. The very definition of martial law is when due process is suspended and Americans are under military rule.

Infowars.com has reviewed hundreds of photos, many sent to us by our listeners, of militarized police pointing guns at them and treating citizens like terrorist criminals.

Below are samples of these images. We also saw a clip on CNN during the prison lock down in Boston showing a woman in a park playing with her children and a police helicopter told her to get out of the park.

Tons of photos and more info here

Matt's question:
How much will it take for people to begin taking this seriously?