Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ontario Flooding: Hundreds evacuate from remote James Bay communities

The remote and troubled First Nations communities of Attawapiskat and Kashechewan are under a state of emergency after dozens of homes on the James Bay coast due to rising waters causing sewage system failures.

Forty homes in Kashechewan and 20 in Attawapiskat have been overrun by sewage, officials said Tuesday.

“It’s the exact same story in both places,” MP Charlie Angus (NDP – Timmins-James Bay) said. “There was heavy snow fall, and a fast melt, the ditches are still icy, so the water just ran. The sewage stations have always been substandard, that’s been part of the problem with the housing crisis before — when the sewage backs up and destroys the living conditions.”

The hospital in Attawapiskat has also been evacuated and patients are being housed in a community centre.

The schools have been shut down.