Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Italy urges closer European unity......

Enrico Letta, prime minister of Italy's new coalition government, has put Europe on guard that Rome will seek stronger moves towards political union and pro-growth policies during his talks in Berlin, Paris and Brussels this week.

Mr Letta, a committed supporter of Europe, warned that the creation of the single currency was not sufficient on its own.

"Now we have to make up for lost time. That time was lost because too many countries have looked at the elections of the day after and by doing this they have made it harder to explain to citizens that they had to concede sovereignty even on other points," Mr Letta said in a speech to the Italian senate before leaving to meet Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor who is seeking re-election in September.

"Our destiny as Europeans is common, otherwise it will be made up of individual countries that will slowly decline . . . in a world where the powers of countries with populations in their billions will prevail," Mr Letta said.