Thursday, April 4, 2013

India: State registered 30 swine flu deaths in March

The number of swine flu deaths in Maharashtra in March this year was more than thrice the number registered in the same month last year. While nine deaths were reported last March, the figure stood at 30 in the same month this year. Since January, 43 of the 242 people in the state who contracted swine flu succumbed to the infection, making for a mortality rate of 17%.

Maharashtra closely follows Gujarat, which has an 18.34% mortality rate. Only Punjab (21.79%) and Madhya Pradesh (23.19%) have a higher mortality rate, though their death tolls are much lower at 39 and 16 respectively.

Experts say that self-medication instead of reporting to hospitals immediately after developing symptoms, depleting immunity level against swine flu among those exposed to the virus earlier, and erratic and humid weather providing an ideal setting for the spread of the virus are among the reasons for the increase in the number of swine flu cases.