Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gary Stretch and Joanna Dennehy Wanted after the body of Kevin Lee was found in a roadside ditch by the A16 near Peterborough

Police are looking for a 7ft 3ins tall man and a woman with a tattooed face after a man's body was found dumped beside a motorway.

Gary Stretch, 47, was put on a force's most wanted list after the body of Kevin Lee, 48, was found dumped in a ditch by a major road.

Cambridgeshire police said they were also looking for Joanna Dennehy, 30, who has a distinctive green tattoo on her right cheek.

Officers said the pair were very recognisable - especially if they were together - but warned the public not to approach either of them.

The hunt comes after Kevin Lee, 48, was found stabbed to death on Saturday morning by the A16 at Newborough near Peterborough.