Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Daily News' doctored front page photo from Boston Bombing (Oops)

The New York Post was derided Tuesday for apparent inaccuracies in its reporting on the bombing at the Boston Marathon. And now, its rival tabloid, the Daily News, is facing criticism over an apparent photo touch-up.

On yesterday's cover wrap, the News ran a photo taken by John Tlumacki of The Boston Globe showing an injured woman lying in a pool of blood while being tended to by a civilian.

It was one of many widely circulated images capturing the moments after explosives were detonated near the finish line of the marathon on Monday afternoon, killing at least three and wounding more than 170 in a likely terrorist attack about which police are still scrambling to scare up leads.

Matt's and MrPops' conversation, resulting in thoughts to ponder:
-- This article is about the wound being *removed* rather than added in.
-- However, how do we know for certain which photo came first?
-- Could there have been a pool of pictures, depending on the level of gore required, and this paper simply chose the wrong one (after everyone else has chosen theirs) and was noticed?
-- Notice that the wound free legs are brightly lit and textured, while the legs with the wound are dark and without texture, (a trick often used in graphic design to blend elements so they don't become noticeable, called burning -- however, lightening can also be used as well)
-- What precisely does this all mean?