Friday, April 5, 2013

8 killed as Myanmar Buddhist, Muslims clash in Indonesia

In a testament to just how deep tensions are running, Buddhist fishermen and Muslim asylum seekers who fled Myanmar hoping for a better life brawled with rocks and knives on Friday at an immigration detention centre in Indonesia, leaving eight dead and another 15 injured, police said.

The deadly melee broke out in North Sumatra province, where more than 100 Rohingya migrants most intercepted off Indonesia’s coast in rickety boats and 11 illegal fishermen from Myanmar were being held together, said local police chief Endro Kiswanto.

Insults were quickly traded, and the cleric was allegedly stabbed by a fisherman, said Yusuf Umardani, detention centre chief. When the cleric screamed, his friends jumped in to help. From there, a burst of fighting broke out so quickly, security guards were too late to stop it.