Friday, March 15, 2013

Sandy Hook Predicted In 2010 Forum Thread? My Thoughts? More Disinformation!

Now this is totally spooky. I've got to do due diligence here and post this; I really don't know what to say. Though I've long distrusted the government, and for obvious reasons, I've recently run into compelling new information that I'll share with you in the near future that I feel completely shows that the Sandy Hook 'actors' story is total disinformation. There seems to be a TON of it on the internet, with much of it I've found coming from one very bad source. That for later; you have to check out this thread from a forum from back in 2010. If this is real, what in the world is going on? I've got my very strong reasons to believe that it is more disinformation. We have to be very careful about everything. Bad information taken as fact can be dangerous. We all need to ask, why is this disinfo being pushed upon us? This story is getting a lot of play at the conspiracy theory website Godlikeproductions. This is webcached from google from the website Unforumzed; much more at links.

Obama use school shooting to disarm America

In approximate 2 years from today there will be mass school shooting in Connecticut. A lone gunman will kill many children. That's a trick of propaganda. Step by step, they make it a totalitarian country.