Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kyle Kester stabbed and beaten to death in Mexico 'by a trio of locals he hired to work on his sprawling dream home'

Kyle Kester's parents had a bad feeling when their son informed them that he was moving to a rural part of Mexico where he was planning to build a sprawling home and live among the people whose culture he admired so much.

In February, Wini and Harley Kester's worst fear came true when they got a call saying that their 38-year-old son was stabbed to death inside his barely finished stucco estate for a truckload of pricey electronic equipment.

'He loved the people,' Harley Kester said of his son. 'He would still love them. I'm sure he would.'

The victim’s mother added that her son would’ve given his assailants his property had they asked for it, or offered them the opportunity to earn money and buy the gadgets themselves, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported.