Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can North Korea REALLY attack the US? Experts scoff at Kim Jong Un's ham-fisted threats on map with attack plan featuring 'non-existent' missiles

North Korea may have key U.S. cities - and Austin - in its nuclear crosshairs, but most analysts agree that the reclusive totalitarian regime is all bark and no bite.

The sabre-rattling North Korean government unveiled its 'U.S. mainland strike plan' Friday featuring a map showing Hawaii, Washington DC, Los Angeles and the capital of Texas as the targets.

NK News published photos showing Kim Jong Un at an 'emergency meeting' with his military advisers in a room plastered with large-scale maps showing what appear to be missile trajectories pointing to American cities.

Western weapons experts wasted no time ridiculing Kim Jong Un's ambitious plan to attack the US.

'How clumsy of #NKorea to accidentally display their US Mainland Striking Plan -- with ICBMs [Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles] that don't exist,' tweeted Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the non-proliferation and disarmament program for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, according to Foreign Affairs.

Other analysts also chimed in, among them James Hardy, the editor of IHS Jane's Defense Weekly, who wrote that there is little chance North Korea could land a missile anywhere outside the Korean Peninsula.