Friday, March 8, 2013

Bayou Corne, Louisiana Sinkhole

On Aug 3, 2012, a giant sinkhole opened up when a Texas Brine salt mine collapsed in Bayou Corne, LA. Locals knew something was not right months before when they began to find natural gas bubbling up in the swamp. Texas Brine had alerted state agencies there might be a problem after they drilled too close to the mine edge years before, but no one let the residents know. A mandatory evacuation order was issued, but many residents have not moved. The hole continues to grow. Geophysicists are conducting high tech tests to come up with a model of what the mine looks like now so they might be able to predict what will happen next. How toxic and dangerous is Bayou Corne now? It depends whom you listen to. Experts will be battling that out in court. Texas Brine has not offered to buy the endangered properties. Homeowners get a weekly $850 compensation check, which Texas Brine is required to pay by law since all signs point to them being responsible. People’s lives are in limbo. This once peaceful paradise is now a place of nightmares where flare vents burning 24 hours a day and the stench of crude oil fills the air whenever the sinkhole burps.