Saturday, February 9, 2013

Newtown children's choir is revealed to have no connection to Sandy Hook and is run by former high school teacher accused of stealing

Questions: The children from the Newtown Music Project are seen singing on Good Morning America last month. The group does not have anything to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School

Organisers of a Newtown children's choir that has appeared on Good Morning America are facing accusations they have misled the public - as the group has no formal connection to Sandy Hook.

While the Newtown Music Project features a handful of children from the school, it is organised independently and led by a teacher who quit her job at a Newtown high school after she was accused of theft.

The choir, which has recorded a single of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' to raise money for the town, will appear on the Grammy's this weekend. It is a separate choir from the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir that performed alongside Jennifer Hudson at the Super Bowl last weekend.