Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mafia bosses who can't wait to flood Britain with beggars: While politicians dither over new wave of immigration from Eastern Europe, ruthless gangmasters are rubbing their hands with glee

On Saturday, in the first part of this major series on the expected imminent influx of unskilled workers from Romania and Bulgaria, we revealed how countless would-be immigrants are planning to move to Britain — attracted by generous welfare payments. Here, in the second part, we report from Bulgaria, the EU’s poorest nation and a hotbed of organised crime . . .

For thousands of Bulgarians, the road to the United Kingdom began on the third floor of an anonymous grey building a stone’s throw from the national stadium in central Sofia.

Here, past a graffiti-filled entrance hall and up several flights of stairs, is the office of Daniel Kalinov, a genial businessman with cropped hair, a chunky watch and a desk covered by stern-looking letters from Her Majesty’s Home Office.

Daniel, who is 30, is the executive director of the Annonce agency, a company that each year helps hundreds of citizens from the EU’s poorest nation to find new jobs — and begin new lives — in Britain.