Monday, February 18, 2013

Israeli soldier posts Instagram image of Palestinian child in crosshairs of rifle

An Israeli soldier has sparked outrage by posting a photograph appearing to show the back of a Palestinian boy's head in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle on a social networking site.

The context of the picture, posted on the personal Instagram site of Mor Ostrovski, 20, could not be verified but the aggressive message is clear. The minarets and Arabic architecture of the village captured in the background suggest the boy and the town are Palestinian. Ostrovski is an Israeli soldier in a sniper unit.

The Israeli military said the soldier's commanders were investigating the incident. His actions "are not in accordance with the spirit of the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] or its values", a spokesperson said.

Matt's thoughts:
The latest Israeli-Gaza conflict started when an Israeli sniper shot and killed a Palestinian child on a soccer field. The initial rockets (which did no damage) formed the Gazan response to this murder. Seem incredible after seeing the above photo?